Save Time with QuickKey

QuickKey is a new, visual custom keyboard for iOS that allows you to pre-define “snippets” of text like your e-mail addresses, common phrases and more so that you can quickly sign in to apps, fill out forms, or type custom phrases.

Best of all, QuickKey respects your privacy. Your information is never shared, and we never see or have access to anything what you type.


The QuickKey app respects your privacy completely. We do not collect or have access to any personal information you enter into the app or type with the custom keyboard. We cannot see what you type, and it is never transmitted off your device. Your personal information remains completely private to you, and is never shared with us or anyone in any way. The QuickKey keyboard does not require full access to work, meaning that the keyboard has no capability to transmit anything you type.


Would you like to review QuickKey? Feel free to download our press kit, which contains several screenshots of the app and custom keyboard, a description of the app, the icon in several sizes, and pricing and availability information. Promo codes are available on request. Please use the form below to request one.

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